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►...Happy Summer Break...Summer School begins June 22nd...First day of new school year is August 16th...►Contact us at mayallacademy2@gmail.com◄☺☺☺


 ENGLISH                            SPANISH 

Kindergarten: Room 3 -  Ms. Kurian

                                 Room 4 - Ms. Ventura

                                 Room 28 - Mrs. Kim

1st Grade: Room 11 - Mrs. Norton, Room 12 - Ms. Gilson, Room 13 - Miss Hemm

2nd Grade: Room 20 - Ms. Hernandez

                      Room 21 - Ms. Eskenazi                                                   

3rd Grade: Room 22 - Ms. Coleman

                     Room 24 - Mrs. Marne

                     Room 29 - Ms. East

4th Grade: Room 26 - Ms. Parasher

                     Room 32 - Mr. DeGuzman

                     Room 33 - Mrs. Spire

5th Grade: Room 30 - Mrs. Kim

                    Room 31 - Mr. Banuelos

DHH: Room 1 - Mrs. Onaga

             Room 2 - Mrs. Bliven 

             Room 10 - Mrs. Gardner 


For questions or information, please contact Jennifer Haws, APEIS, or Jennifer Ochoa, Office Tech, at (818) 363-5068 or at mayallacademy2@gmail.com.  Click on the links below for information.

The IEP and You

A Parent's Guide to Special Education Services (English)

A Parent's Guide to Special Education Services (Spanish)



June 11


Dear Mustang Families,

This is Linda Kim, Principal of Mayall Academy. I have several messages coming to you by phone and email.


We just finished another school year! It has been a challenging year with the pandemic, however, we were able to finish this year successfully with our parents’ endless support, flexibility, and understanding. Thanks to our teachers and staff for their leadership and dedication in teaching our students with rigor. Many thanks to our students for working hard through their resilience and tenacity during these difficult times. I would also like to thank our wonderful PTA board members for their continued support and contribution. Mayall Academy always thrives because everyone works as a team. 


All hardcover textbooks checked out by 4th and 5th graders and instruments checked out by 3rd through 5th graders must be returned to school by Friday, 6/18. The office will be open from 8:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday. If your student is moving to another school, the school devices, textbooks, and instruments must be returned otherwise we will not be able to release the records to the new school.


The first day of school for the 2021-22 school year is Monday, 8/16. 


Please check Mayallstes.lausd.net and Class Dojo for any updates.

We wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer vacation! 



For more information, please check our website at mayallstes.lausd.net and Class Dojo.


Our Community Support:

A huge "Thank You" to our school sponsors...Trader Joe's, Dunn Edwards, Target, and Ralphs...for your continued support of

Mayall Academy!

–♦ Go Mustangs ♦– 


Linda Kim

Assistant Principal:

Jennifer Haws

School Administrative Assistant;

Kathy Tran

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